Saturday, December 26, 2009


Each prescription is custom-made and sent to the name and address you provide via the U.S. postal service.

We get it. Times are hard. So we're suggesting a minimum of $30.00 for each prescription, which includes prescribing, typing, scrolling, labeling, and shipping costs. Order two prescriptions for $50.00. We'll take donations though of any kind. You can send payment to Amanda Lichtenstein via PayPal using All proceeds from this project will support an upcoming break arts' girls' poetry project in Zanzibar, an island off Tanzanian coast on the Indian Ocean.

Ready to place an order?

Please answer the following questions:

* name:
* name of person to consume poem: [if different from you]
* ailment/diagnosis: [in a few words, what's the main issue you'd like addressed and what feeling do you want to have after consuming it?]
* symptoms: [briefly describe the effects/behaviors/moods of the ailment/condition so that we can further prescribe the right poem and directions]
* allergies: [let us know if there are any poems/poets you absolutely hate/can't read/don't ever want to deal with again]
* shipping address: [where should we send the poetry prescription?]

send this information to -- taking orders 24 hours a day!

Subject line:

Once we receive your information, we can do a free consultation via email / g-chat to further discuss the treatment. Once the order is activated on our end, We'll expect payment vial PayPal.

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