Saturday, December 26, 2009



NAME: Dxxxxxx Exxxxxxx
AILMENTS: lack of creative identity/boxed in/low ceiling/scratchy, institutional voice/high doses of florescent lighting
SYMPTOMS: longing, hunger, aching, numbness, dull pain
ALLERGIES: no known allergies
SHIPPING ADDRESS: xxxxxxxxxx Chicago, IL 606xx

Rx: Wild Geese by Mary Oliver

Directions: Read poem 3x over the next 3 weeks until signs of awakening occur. Memorize 2 lines and whisper to self at night. Repeat as necessary until symptoms wane.

Take as directed.

BEFORE READING POEM: Breathe. Find a quiet place away from distraction.
CAUTIONS: Do not read poem under florescent lighting; do not panic if healing lag time occurs.
POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS: heightened criticality of the institution; desire to bolt and run free; belief that you can fly
OVERDOSE: not possible

Once healed, feel free to distribute as needed.

December 2009

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